An excellent alternative to SQL CE. Small XCopy deployment, multi user across a network drive, and memory databases! What more could you ask for?
S. Kurtz
VistaDB is one of the best kept secrets in the database market and it is really incredible what you pack into it... VistaDB is a class-A product.
Peter H. Scott
I have been an owner of VistaDB since RC1 and I am very happy with the product. I have been using SQL Server for years.
Peter Akos
I have written a number of small applications and I must say this product is a real gem...perhaps the best kept secret in the database industry.
Theo Charalambous
The customer service I have received has been unmatched by any other company. I look forward to future VistaDB releases.
John Morales
We are very happy with our choice of VistaDB as the database behind the next version of our system.
Allan Martin
Post on MCSE website
We are very happy with our choice of VistaDB as the database behind the next version of our system, TesioPower.
Simon Morris
Chief Software Architect, Syntax Software
I had a chance to start a project from scratch with VistaDB and it dramatically reduced the number of database support issues we receive (mdac hell!!!). Thank you and your team for doing a great job!
Mike Allen 2
You have a GREAT product - I wrestled many, many hours/days trying to find a replacement to Access/Jet so that I could offer support on 64-bit platforms - I tried SQL CE(too slow) and SQL Express (GIANT install, maintenance, support NIGHTMARE). I'd recommend your product to anyone trying to do the same.
Take a look at VistaDB, a new, incredibly fast data access engine built from the ground up for .NET. It's inexpensive, royalty free, and about 100 times smaller than MSDE.
Les Pinter
Microsoft MVP
We’re definitely getting a lot of value from Loupe, it’s become the first place we go when analyzing production performance issues.
— John Hann, Learning.com