Data Builder

VistaDB Data Builder

Powerful application that lets you visually create and manage VistaDB databases. You can create, modify and delete tables, indexes, CLR triggers, constraints, columns, set database encryption, and more.

We even include an unbranded version for with source to use as a starting point for your own DBA Tool!

Interactive SQL

Data Builder also allows you to run interactive SQL commands directly against your database. Data Builder automatically maintains a selectable history of your SQL statements so that you can re-run or modify previous statements quickly and easily. Timing information is also included to allow you to experiment with different indexes or statements and time the results of the SQL.

DBA Tool Sample Source Code Included

Hit the ground running for a DBA Tool for your own application! We took the VistaDB Data Builder and removed all branding from it (links to us and our name). This is a new sample that you can use as a starting app to build your own DBA Admin tool for your application. There is no additional fee for this DBA Tool, and you can brand it for your customers. This tool alone will save you hundreds of hours from using another engine that includes no tools you can deploy to your users.

We have had users tell us that the ability to use the DBA Sample Tool with the C# source code has saved them more than the purchase price of their subscription.

Data Builder Features

  • Easy-to-use visual application to create, edit and delete tables, columns, indexes, constraints, triggers, relationships
  • Set compression on tables and columns
  • Import and export to XML
  • Set column attributes such as Primary Key, Hidden, Allow Null, Encrypted, Read Only, Compressed and Indexed
  • Create and Modify TSQL stored procedures, views, and User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Visually re-order columns
  • Run interactive TSQL commands (with estimated execution path information)
  • View and edit data in tables using a familiar grid style layout for quick data editing
  • Define database password and encryption settings
  • Pack a database to reclaim deleted entities disk space
  • Apply indexes, filters and scopes dynamically on data
  • Create Full-Text Search indexes
  • Manually start, commit or rollback database transactions