Visual Studio Integration

Visual Studio Support

VistaDB is integrated tightly into Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, 2015 and 2013 environments. VistaDB is also a fully compliant ADO.NET provider factory that supports .Net 2 through .Net 4.7. The basic database engine and ADO.NET provider only requires .Net 2 SP1 or higher in order to run, the Entity Framework provider requires .Net 4.x.

Native support for the Server Explorer lets you connect to and use VistaDB databases as you would Microsoft SQL Server, including visual query creation inside the Visual Studio IDE.

Full support for ADO.NET Provider Factories also means you can write generic data access code and change the connection string to load VistaDB or SQL Server at runtime for a single application build that supports multiple backend data stores.

Entity Framework 6 / 5 / 4

The VistaDB Entity Framework provider supports Entity Framework 6 as well as EF5 and EF4. You can generate EF models using with Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2013. The only thing you cannot currently do is generate a database from an EF model.

32 and 64 Bit Native Support

Full support for the Server Explorer also includes x64 systems! Even though Visual Studio is a 32 bit app you can still use our provider with Visual Studio on 64 bit Windows. The VistaDB Engine will JIT to 64 bit when not hosted under a 32 bit process to allow you to take advantage of increased memory limits. While running under Visual Studio the engine runs in 32 bit mode.

.Net 2.0 SP1 - .Net 4.5 in one assembly

Because VistaDB is fully managed we can auto promote from .Net 2 all the way to .Net 4.5 with no code changes. Our single assembly allows you to decide where you want to deploy the engine without worry.

Visual Studio Integration Features in VistaDB

You can create databases, alter their schema, indexes and more directly inside Visual Studio 2010 and higher. This allows you to make quicker edits directly within your development environment.

Create a new database while building a connection

Adding a data connection within Visual Studio also allows you to create a new database at the same time you make the connection in the Server Explorer.  

Alter tables within Visual Studio

From the project solution you may double click the database to have the VistaDB Data Builder automatically launch and open your database in a single step. This makes for a much faster workflow from the development tool to your database admin tool when you need it.